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Research & Development

Since its creation Pulsar has been doing R&D (research & development)

Our technological R&D has taken various forms according to the needs of our strategic development :

- Technological investigations & benchmarking in cutting-edge fields (ANPR, IoT, AI, ...)

- Assimilation and integration of new libraries, platforms, tools and other necessary technologies to our development and applications

- Market trends structural researches (with regional and european subsidies), prototype design & fonctional proof of concept softwares

Entrepreneurship Vision

Entrepreneurship vision

Pulsar Pyramid

At Pulsar we have developed our own service offer based on the technical, human and managerial expertise of our teams.


The needs of our customers are drivers of our evolution and constantly push us to innovate.


Internally, this translates into the entrepreneurial spirit of our teams, which we stimulate by offering them the necessary framework to realize their ideas.

Case Studies


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