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Fixed Price Project


You request, we deliver

Based on your specifications, we take full responsibility to carry out your wished IT through an agile-like methodology, with your involvement at each phase, within a fixed price and with predefined deadlines.



Capitalize on our know-how

You can capitalize on our existing products & platforms, benefit of a lower price and a bug-free application, ready for your own customization. 



Multi-year care

A very convenient way to combine IT support, corrective maintenance and evolutions of the system into one multi-year package. This allows full transparency and control over performances and results.



You supervise, we execute

For customers having their own IT department, we delegate our skilled resources to participate to your IT projects and make them happen.

Pulsar's 360° Services


Our Expertise

Some skills and technicals supporting our development of custom software

Mobile App.


Take your solution eveywhere

We have developped several tailor-made mobile apps. Either for industrial purpose, cities or private companies. If you need to be mobile, we can help you with it !



The Internet of Things

The IOT helps you improve your productivity, the efficiency of operational management, and more … It can help you improve your customer service and create business opportunities.

Big Data


That's a lot of data

You need to manage thousand or millions of data ? Then our expertise in big data might come in handy.

A tailor-made big data software will help you manage your business more efficiently and improve you customer services.



Strong know-how, strong solution

A good knowledge of almost every technologies on the market ensures us to use the best choice according to our client's needs. Also allowing us to be a part of strong developer communities.



The importance of foundations

With a proper infrastructure, technology can be optimized to create efficiencies and increase productivity. Flexible, reliable and secure are the recipe of success and will provide you a competitive edge in your market.

Cloud & Virtualization


The dematerialization trend

To answer our client's needs and the technological improvements, Pulsar is steadily increasing its use of the cloud. Wether it be using AWS (Amazon Web Service), Windows Azure and devOps or OVH, ...

Some References

Decades of experience at your service

Pick a sector

Logistics & Industry 4.0
Banks & Insurance
Smart City & Smart Mobility
Food & Cosmetics
Medical & Pharmaceutical


AIRM Toolset


As part of the European SESAR program, Pulsar has redeveloped and improved the AIRM Toolset, enabling the creation and validation of new aeronautical information communication routes.



Pulsar developed a SNOWTAM digital impact viewer on flights, based on the Digital SNOWTAM application developed by Pulsar for Eurocontrol and integrating more information from SWIM on airports, flights and routes.

AIXM 5.1 Business Rules


  • Development of an intuitive and user-friendly Business Rules Manager Web Application.

  • Creation and building of a generic tool for extracting rule patterns and generating multiple rule instances based on a dynamic set of variables.

  • Development of a set of business rules in SBVR and Schematron for AIXM 5.1.

Mapping packages


​Development of three packages for the ENA Mapping project within the EAD Program.​

  • Package 1: development of a generic ‘engine’ able to transfer data, based on configuration files in XML, between an Oracle relational database and the AIXM standard format.

  • Package 2: a java converter able to map ARINC 424 files to AIXM format.

  • Package 3: a java converter able to split and merge XML documents in AIP format.

Digital NOTAM trial


Transformation of standard aeronautic notes “Notice to Air Men” (NOTAM) to a science technology language understood by computers, based on the general aeronautical model AIXM-XML.

Digital SNOWTAM trial


​Development of AIXM 5.0 “Surface Contamination” model able to provide status of the runway contamination in a format that enables graphical visualization, automatic conversion from current text SNOWTAM format for basic services and enhanced services through the use of AIXM 5.0 capable data input interfaces.



​Development of a web-based application to manage radar allocation codes.

Development of a new module for the existing MICA application to visualize radar and coverage areas on a map, using Google Map.



Web application developed for the SASS-C group at Eurocontrol, in charge of assessing the Surveillance Infrastructure Performance. Allow sharing files securely and with extended functionalities.



CIDIN Management application update, to include new AMHS functions (ATS Messaging Handling Services).

CIDIN 1 & 2


Development of a data network implemented and used by the Air Traffic Services Organisations.​

AIXM Facilitator - ER Mapper


AIXM Facilitator helps in generating technical parts of AIXM based applications and documentation.​

Business Rules Manager


Development of an intuitive and user-friendly Web application allowing for domain experts, business analysts and senior developers to write, manage and synthesize business rules.

Smart City


Brussels Mobility

Programming of the LED displays needed to dynamically show in real time the different car parks in Brussels. This project was developed for "Brussels Mobility" based on the P-PGI platform (Pulsar parking guidance and information system).


Brussels Mobility

Software development for commercial & business terminals that permanently displays STIB information to the travellers (schedules, lines, delays, etc.), or allowing drivers to communicate with the management (holidays requests, new uniform, etc.).

Tunnels of Brussels (TOB)

Brussels Mobility

Programming of the LED displays needed to dynamically show the different car parks in Brussels in real time. This project was developed for "Brussels Mobility" based on the P-PGI platform (Pulsar parking guidance and information system).

Logistics & Industry 4.0


Total Feluy

Development of a custom logistics application used to manage all receipts and shipments of goods. This application manages the entire transaction cycle from ERP (SAP) to on-site industrial equipment (weighbridge).


Total Feluy

Development of a Windows-based application named “Joconde” that is used to manage and monitor the daily productions of Polypropylene and Polyethylene at Total’s Site in Feluy.


Total Carling

Development of an application manages all truck transportations (expedition/reception) as well as the whole transaction cycle from ERP (SAP) to industrial onsite equipment (access control and weighing bridges).


Total Antwerp Olefins (TAO)

Development of a Windows-based application used to manage and monitor the daily productions of Polypropylene and Polyethylene at Total’s Site in Antwerp


Yara Skuiskil

Managing applications for badge distribution, access control, and weighing bridge


Yara Tertre

  • Reliability and update of the existing Lisa system

  • Replacing PCs by allowing the use of Windows XP instead of Windows NT4

  • Migrating the Oracle v8 database to Oracle 10g

  • Replacement of Sartorius weighing interfaces (PR1594) with new Widra models (DW410)


Yara Italy

Optimization of Yara's logistics for loading dry and wet cargoes through removal of manual procedures and rationalization of the loading process.


Arcelor Mital

Managing applications including access control, automatic badge distribution, and picture acquisition via webcams

More than 36 references ... !

Banks & Insurance



Development of a Third Party payment system between insurance companies & hospitals, managing the whole hospitalisation cycle, from the declaration to the billing, for private people. 

Food & Cosmetics



Programming of a comprehensive web-based system for managing cosmetic products and the process of compliance with legal standards.

This application is an implementation of Prodigum customized to fit the needs of Biorius in the cosmetics industry.



GestPro is a centralized management tool developed for EuroConsultants

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Soins chez soi

Soins chez soi

CIT application managing contact between the nurses and the clients through a call center (Computer To Telephony)



Pharmagarde is a well designed tool allowing the Pharmaceutical Union of Occidental & Central Hainaut to plan on-duty pharmacy agenda taking into account 425 pharmacies dispached  everywhere in the Hainaut and tens of rules & preferences for on-duty assignements (artificial intelligence heuristics for calculation)

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